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The aha effect:


From component manufacturer to system provider

From brass casting to protein extraction for functional and new foods. For 150 years, we have been developing new techniques and ideas for innovative processes. A logical consequence for us, but probably surprising for you. Or have you ever seen a faucet factory that produces meat substitutes?

I see?

The aha effect:

When requirements Process solutions are

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Functional valves for protection, regulation and control in the beverage industry

Safety valves for protecting pressurized, closed containers or systems. Vacuum valves for vacuum protection of containers or systems. Tank dome covers as modular, mechanical platforms for easy combination of different functional fittings. Compact, modular, mechanical cleaning air/valve combinations of various functional fittings. Double-seat valves for the safe separation of different media. Rotary dampers for controlling and regulating process media.

aha FLOW

Hygienic and reliable pumping of liquids

Piping systems for fermentation, storage and pressure tank cellars. Yeast management with propagation, storage and vitalization.

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Innovative filtration processes for the food and beverage industry.

CIP media filtration, crossflow filtration for environmentally friendly caustic recycling. Gentle beer stabilization to maintain beer quality.


Large-scale industrial radial flow chromatography processes in biotechnology and food production.

Innovative chromatography processes using adsorption technology RFC offers state-of-the-art technology in the functional food sector for the extraction of lactoferrin or in other adsorber processes on a large scale.

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aha BIOTECH Pharma

Planning, production and installation of complex process systems for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology with documentation and qualification.

Separation processes: Chromatography, membrane filtration, precipitation system; preparation techniques and buffer production for hygienic and sterile solutions CIP/SIP systems; storage and distribution of high-purity media and high-purity gases. The process systems are planned in 3D, taking into account efficiency, product purity and the applicable regulations, and are individually designed to meet the existing requirements.

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Abbildung Andreas Pidde, Leiter Vertriebsinnendienst

Andreas Pidde

Head of Internal Sales

Abbildung Timo Baier, stellv. Vertriebsleiter / Gebietsverkaufsleiter Europa Afrika Russland

Timo Baier

deputy. Sales Manager / Area Sales Manager Europe Africa Russia

Abbildung Marc Pfeilsticker, Jr. Gebietsverkaufsleiter Asien Pazifik

Marc Pfeilsticker

Jr. Area Sales Manager Asia Pacific

Abbildung Martin Erasmy, International Sales Manager

Martin Erasmy

International Sales Manager

Ralf Huber

Internal sales North and South America, GB, Africa

Felix Maucher

Aftersales Global

Tanja Koschuhar

DACH office staff

Friedrich Elz

Head of pharmaceutical projects

Abbildung Clemens Lutz, Gebietsverkaufsleiter Nord- und Südamerika

Clemens Lutz

Area Sales Manager North and South America

Michael Feische

Head of R&D

Abbildung Franz Steinle, Leitung Technik

Franz Steinle

Technology management

Abbildung Oliver Hecker, Geschäftsführer

Oliver Hecker

Managing Director